Who We Are

We design and manufacture Carbon Fiber Kit Cars and Track Cars. Our first car, the LUNA, is a mid-engine rear wheel drive monster with a lightweight carbon fiber monocoque and carbon bodywork. The power unit is taken from a donor 1000cc to 1300cc motorcycle and can be run naturally aspirated or turbocharged with our factory packages. The Luna also sports fully adjustable suspension and aero with Penske 2-3 way shocks, roll bars, and a carbon rear wing. The Luna will be available for pre-order in August 2022 - send us a note to join our waitlist by clicking here.

When we aren't making cars - we are still making parts. The equipment and processes we have invested in make us a very capable job shop. We specialize in resin infused composite parts and CNC machining. Our experience in mechanical design can help your team finalize your designs, produce a prototype and then go into production. Click below to learn more about our engineering and manufacturing services or check out our equipment.

Our Offerings

AM2 [Andrade Manufacturing & Motorsports] designs and manufacturers our own original design kit & track cars. We also specialize in resin-infused laminate composites, design engineering services and CNC machining Click on the blocks to learn more about each!

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Events We Are Attending

We love spending our time at car meets, track-days, and races. Check out which ones we're attending and make sure to find us there! Our schedule of events can be found here.

New Shirts In Stock!

The silhouette of our first car, the LUNA, filled in by our core values and the characteristics we design into our cars. Purchasing a helps us fundraise the testing we are conducting. We appreciate your support! Check them out here

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