Our Mission

The chassis of mass produced vehicles are made from thin gauge metals and adhesives. The electrical and mechanical systems within these vehicles become more difficult to work on and modify every year. This is frustrating for racers making modifications for track driving and enthusiasts looking to customize their ride for the street. Our company is focused on building vehicles that have the adjustment you'd find in top tier race cars with the tinker friendly construction that will allow easy integration of future performance modifications and aesthetic personalization.

Our Offerings

AM2 [Andrade Manufacturing & Motorsports] designs and manufacturers our own original design kit & track cars. We also specialize in small batch resin-infused laminate composites, design engineering services and prototype fabrication. Click on the blocks to learn more about each!

How To Get Involved

Events We Are Attending

We love spending our time at car meets, track-days, and races. Check out which ones we're attending and make sure to find us there! Our schedule of events can be found here.

Stay Connected With Our Build

We will be releasing our first vehicle in early 2022. We will be posting our build, shakedown testing, and racing on Instagram, our website, and YouTube.

New Shirts In Stock!

The silhouette of our first car filled in by our core values and the characteristics we design into our cars. Purchasing a helps us fundraise the testing we are conducting. We appreciate your support! Check them out here

Blog posts

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