Our Founding Principles

"Back in 2020, I started this company out of deep frustration with the automotive industry. I wanted to make things better. Over time it has evolved into something that, I believe, can make a deep impact on the automotive world. The ever-changing climate in the automotive industry combined with the R&D work we have been doing has put us in a unique position to rapidly explore and grow new automotive tech. Being racers we always look at things through a "performance is everything" lens. I believe the work we are doing and have yet to do will only benefit from our obsession with making vehicles lean, highly- efficient systems." - Nick Andrade

What We Are Working On

Our research into OOA structural composites has led to us launching a company to not only commercialize our findings from years of hard labor, but to also bring a new generation of vehicles to people like us who are intent on building top tier vehicles. Use the boxes on the right to check out our contract manufacturing division, New England Composites, and also our Kit Car/Replica Vehicle Division - the yet to be named small car company.

How To Get Involved

Events We Are Attending

We love spending our time at car meets, track-days, and races. Check out which ones we're attending and make sure to find us there! Our schedule of events can be found here.

New Shirts In Stock!

The silhouette of our first car, the LUNA, filled in by our core values and the characteristics we design into our cars. Purchasing a helps us fundraise the testing we are conducting. We appreciate your support! Check them out here

Blog posts

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