About Us

AM2 was founded in 2020 as a speed/upgrade shop that manufactures carbon fiber parts and aftermarket upgrade kits. The pandemic unfortunately delayed the opening of the shop - however the company was able to launch online and get it's start in eCommerce. We've been experiencing success with our online shop and would like to thank our customers for supporting us.

 AM2 stands for "Andrade Manufacturing & Motorsports" .Our online store has been great and is here to stay. We will be expanding our business to bring you specialty parts and kits for road course racing in early 2021.

Nick Andrade - Owner/Founder :Nick's inspiration to start AM2 stems from his family's auto repair shop roots and his lifetime fascination with motorsport. Nick is a Mechanical Engineer who got his start in carbon fiber composites design & manufacturing. After several years of composites, he changed gears and became a design engineer for custom machinery. While working as an engineer, Nick was an avid shifter kart racer and was always found wrenching/building in his garage or at the track. He eventually moved into road course racing with his home-built e46 racecar. His obsession with building custom parts and racing pushed him to start AM2.