About Us

AM2 stands for "Andrade Manufacturing & Motorsports" . AM2 was founded in July of 2020 as an ecommerce store. We quickly experienced success with our online shop and would like to thank our customers for supporting us. Shortly after launching the site the founder of AM2, Nick Andrade, became increasingly concerned about the future of the sports car. He looked at the limited options of new sports cars and the decreasing supply of used cars with buildable platforms. This realization inspired him to completely change directions from an ecommerce business to a kit car/track car manufacturing business.

Nick abandoned all ecommerce operations and began researching how to build a scalable manufacturing process using modern automation and engineering practices. After the verifying the feasibility of this technology, a company named NEC was born to manufacture vehicles and carbon composites. 

The connections we have made and resources we now have access to make us well suited to continue automotive research and development. We have a capable network of engineering consultants and a manufacturing company to make anything we need for lab-based testing. Please contact us using this form if you or your company have a project we can help you with!