A New Kind of Kit Car

We have worked for three years researching, engineering, and prototyping the next generation of kit cars. You may be asking yourself: "Kit cars are a laughing stock, why would anyone waste their time making a kit car company?" We agree, kit cars are traditionally pretty bad. They've gotten better, and we see a way to make them even better than a regular production car.

Still, why would we do this? Because we love sports/race cars on and off the track and are worried about their future.

The future of the sports car is currently compromised and has been in a downward spiral for the past decade. The lack of new models entering the market coupled with the removal of existing models is creating a void in the performance vehicle marketplace. We believe this void of performance vehicles will continue to grow and be accelerated by electrification.

This is an issue at the grassroots level because of how racecars are typically created. Most racecars are converted versions of road cars that swap out stock parts for higher performance parts as well as increase the performance and safety of the chassis through a roll cage. If you were to attend a track day or race weekend, the cars on track are likely built pre-2012. This is because as the cars age, the chassis become more affordable making the conversion to a racecar more attainable. However, in recent years the adoption of phased out road cars is reaching a stagnation point. The newer cars are so difficult to modify, tune, and work on that people prefer to use older cars to go to the track. 

This trend has created a spike in demand that has more than doubled the price of used sports cars. As these cars age, the number of vehicles with great build potentials decreases creating a demand in the market for more like them. For every desired used older performance car that is junked or converted into a build platform, there is not another to take its place as “the next available build platform” because of the inferior construction and complex technology used in newer vehicles.

We believe this will only be made worse by the transition to electrification. The systems within electric vehicles will be controlled by adjustable software that is IP of the manufacturers. The systems within these vehicles will in turn become difficult and even dangerous to attempt to modify. This is because of the systems within these vehicles will be treated like a piece of IP, like how a software company treats its products, and because the public is unfamiliar with the complex electrical systems that will be a new technology to learn with different operational systems from different manufacturers.

This paradigm shift over the past decade will worsen for the performance sector in the future given the current trajectory of the industry. Our mission is to make the experience of owning, driving, and building performance vehicles more enjoyable, and possible in the age of electrification. We will accomplish this by offering buildable platforms for enthusiasts to build, customize, and compete with. These platforms will be designed for sole or combined usage on the road, track, and off-road. We believe that over the next decade the relevancy of small manufacturers (<5000 cars per year) will increase to serve this niche market.

There you go, right from our business plan. It was almost impossible to start, but the winds are starting to hit our sails after 3 long years of pushing hard. We hope you can join us at the track, one of our events, and maybe even one day be able to purchase one of our cars. We'd be honored to deliver the next generation, the better than Grandma's Gazpacho, the bee's knees, the kind you actually want to buy version of kit cars.