New England Composites

New England Composites handles all of our manufacturing and offers others contract manufacturing services. They specialize in the design and manufacturing of laminate composites parts. This includes resin infusion and pre-preg processes for vacuum bagged parts made from Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, and/or Fiberglass. They machine their own molds/plugs and can handle everything from the initial design stage all the way to production. If you need composites engineering or manufacturing, check their website out here 
Industries Served
  • Defense
  • Automotive/Motorsport
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Robotics
  • Industrial Automation
  • Marine
  • Recreation
  • Unmanned Aerospace (drones, quadcopters, etc.)



  • Design Engineering/Consulting
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Layup Schedule Determination
    • Engineering Development
    • Industrial Design/CAD Modeling
    • Prototype Fabrication
    • Small Batch Production Runs
      All molds & tooling are manufactured in house
      • Foam/MDF/Tooling Board Plugs
      • Gel Coat FRP Molds
      • Steel & aluminum molds for pre-preg
      Vacuum Bagging
      • Wet Layup
      • Resin Infusion
      • Pre-Preg Composites
        Post Processing
        • Sanding
        • Clear Coating
        • Bonding
        • Assembly Services
        • Heated Post Cure
          3D CAD Modeling 
          Surface Modeling
          FEA Analysis
          Data Acqusition & Testing
          3D Printing

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