Our Debut Kit/Track Car - The AM2 Luna

We will not be releasing any renderings on the Luna - because renderings are boring. We will be posting pictures and videos of the parts we make to YouTube and Instagram releasing the car piece by piece for you to watch it come together. We anticipate an unveiling of the car in August 2022.

The Luna comes in two options: road legal and track only. The road legal option will be sold as a kit for assembly at your home or shop. The track option can come in kit form or fully assembled by AM2. DOT regulations do not allow us to assemble a road legal car, however we offer factory options for almost everything to make your build quick.


Wet weight: 2000lb (est)

Top Speed: <155mph

0-60: <5 seconds naturally aspirated

Chassis: Carbon Monocoque 

  • Easily removable steel front and rear subframes for at-home modifications
  • Aluminum/carbon front and rear crash structures

Front track: 70"

Wheel base: 105"

Seating Capacity: 2

Fuel Tank: 12 gal

Engine: Donor 1000cc - 1300cc superbike engine

  • We are developing both naturally aspirated and turbocharged factory packages
  • Factory provided radiators and intercoolers
  • Universal motor mount system

Transmission: 6-speed sequential (packaged with donor engine)

Differential: Limited Slip w/ reverse gear

Suspension: Double wishbone front and rear w/ pushrod actuated Penske shocks

  • Standard equipment uses a 2-way adjustable shock
  • Factory option for 3-way adjustable shocks


  • Radial mount 4 piston calipers (front)
  • Radial mount 2 piston calipers (rear)
  • Standard rotors are single piece iron
  • Factory options for floating iron and floating ceramic rotors

Wheel & Tire:

  • 275/40/R17 standard size
  • 275/35/R18 factory option
  • Road and track wheel & tire packages to be announced


  • DOT certified front windshield
  • Polycarbonate rear and passenger windows
  • Standard slider opening for driver side - factory option for passenger side

Standard Interior Equipment:

  • Bump shifter
  • Floor Mount Pedal Assembly
  • Steering rack w/ quick disconnect

Optional Interior Equipment

  • AEM Display 
  • Center Console Switch Panel
  • Interior appearance package
  • 6 Point Camlock Harnesses (manufacturer to be customer specified)
  • Bucket Seats (manufacturer to be customer specified)
  • Motorsport steering wheel  (manufacturer to be customer specified)
  • HVAC package
  • Touchscreen stereo system 

 Additional Optional Equipment:

  • Onboard Pneumatic vehicle jacks
  • Onboard fire suppression system
  • Roll cage
  • DOT lighting package
  • Turbocharger Package
  • Datalogger
  • ECU
  • Wiring Harness Package
  • Performance Aero Package
  • Race Aero Package