MOMO Daytona EVO Racing Seat FIA 8855-1999

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The MOMO Daytona EVO racing seat is FIA 8855-1999 rated and HANS compatible. This fiberglass composite driving seat has back padding made from a quick drying material MOMO refers to as Airnet® which is designed to help the seat breathable and dry. All of the fabric including the Airnet® is also fire retardant. The Daytona Evo is different from the standard Daytona because of it's additional comfort padding in high risk areas. The seat has 4 standard mounting points and is compatible with most side brackets. The side bolsters contain the head and help to restrict lateral movement during an impact. The seat comes standard with 5 harness openings.

Racing seats are designed to be snug - We recommend taking these measurements, shown in the MOMO seat size chart below, with your driving suit on. 

We charge a flat rate of $30 to ship a seat. The shipping speed will be between 3-7 business days depending on your location.

MOMO Daytona Evo Seat Size Chart Diagram
MOMO Racing Seat Size Chart. MOMO Daytona Evo Seat Size Chart